Healthcare Creative Network

Conceptualization, Visualization, Theme Creation, Artwork Creation, Designs, Lay-outs, Info-graphics & Illustrations.

Healthcare Up to Date Digital Studio

Multichannel Marketing [MCM], E-Detailing, CRM, CLM, Digital Content Management, Digital Communications Platform.

Pharmaceutical Marketing Consultation

Launch Plans, Re-launch Strategies, Ethical Pharmaceuticals Product Strategies, Cash-Cow Pharmaceuticals Product Strategies, Established Pharmaceuticals Portfolio Strategies, LOE Strategies, OTC/DTC/ITP, 360 Insights, Pharmacy Chains Marketing Plans, Consumer & POS Holistic Approaches.

Medico-Marketing Lab Services

Medical Writing, Editorials, Referencing, Citation, Medical Content Development, Evidence Based Medicine Inference, Clinical Trials Insights Management, Detailing Script & Communication Scripts Creation.

Healthcare Media Production Studios

Motion Graphic, Creative Story-Boarding, Scripting, Media Production, Post-Production & Animation.

Healthcare Mass Communication Management

Ambient Exhibition Solutions, Event Experience Planning And Conceptualization, Creative Solutions and Production.